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Jack-In-Jill's gameplay for Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (PS2)

Jack-In-Jill played Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

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Jack-In-Jill said...
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I'm on my way to gaurd the mages who will perform the ritual and use forbidden magic and hopefully deal a detrimental blow to the Yason. My party consisted of myself, Calintz lvl 6, Azel lvl 5, Eonis lvl 6, and Haren lvl 6 in my reserves.

Moving, not to far, from my camp point I ran into an Ungoliant and a Cactra. I had the advantage of first strike and swiftly took the two beasts down. I continued further up the path until an Alliance Soldier stopped me. As I spoke with the soldier, Orha, one of the four Yason leaders quickly struck down an Alliance soldier and I began battle with him. We dodged and slashed multiple times until at last the mages had finished their ritual and the forbidden magic was cast.

Oh it was a beautiful sight, but wait what?! It failed! Some of the forbidden magic was sent back at our forces. Amila, the Yason queen, was she really that powerful. I need the Magna Carta. Orha had vanished after all the destruction, running like a coward. Fighting off many more Ungoliants and Carctra's I made my way towards Lester to regroup.
What were the Yason's deal with appearing from nowhere. A Yason woman stood just behind us at the beginning of the bridge to Lester. Quickly she summoned a foul beast. A large powerful Lion-like monstrousity. It growled and slashed cutting us here and there. Our clothes blood soaked and our hearts racing.

I felt the bridge beneath begin to give way and quickly shouted the retreat order for my team, the Tears of Blood, to back of the bridge and fall back to Lester. Haren gave me a bit of a problem until I convinced him that we'd have this opportunity again. Eonis, Haren, and Azel had all three fled off the bridge just as I had a crazy idea. I stopped my retreat drew my sword and thrust it deep into the center of the bridge causing it to give way and sending the beast and I crashing down.

I awoke some time after in a cave and seperated from the others. A strange woman holding her hands just over my body. The woman was beautiful as she quietly cast some healing spells and my wounds began to mend themselves. Her name was Reith and she seemed to have a slight case of amnesia. After short introductions I collected my things. My body still weak Reith and I decided establishing camp for the night would be best.

"Who is this woman?" I thought to myself as I prepared our shelter for the night. "Mostly Priestess' use healing magics. Is she one of the mages assigned to the ritual?" Finishing setting the camp up I bid her goodnight and slept next to the fire allowing her the comforts of the tent. Tomorrow I'd try to find my bearings as well as a way out of this cave.
Magna Carta: Tears of Blood

Magna Carta: Tears of Blood (PS2)

Genre/Style: Role-playing/Third-Person 3D RPG
Release Date: 15/NOV/05
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